Sinuhe Tellez

Sinuhé Téllez, Staff Software Engineer

Montreal, QC

Professional Summary: Experienced software engineer with a strong background in Golang, Kubernetes, and event-driven architectures. Proven track record of leading teams, mentoring developers, and delivering impactful projects in high-traffic environments.


  • Programming Languages: Golang, Python, C/C++, Java, PHP, Erlang.

  • Technologies: Kubernetes, Kafka Pub/Sub, REST, Protocol Buffers, OpenRTB, OpenAPI. 

  • Tools: Linux, Git, MySQL, CouchBase, GitLab CI, ArgoCD, Kustomize, Helm, Docker, Ansible, Grafana, Prometheus, Benthos, Keycloak.

Work Experience:

Staff Software Engineer Index Exchange - Montreal March 2022 - Feb 2024 (1 yr 11 mos)

  • Leading development of Kafka pipeline using event-driven architecture.

  • Leading development of REST APIs in Golang.

  • Lead Automatic Registration of Microsoft Audience Network Partner using EDA.

  • Mentoring software developers to enhance their skills.

  • Technologies: Golang, Kafka, Docker, MySQL, REST, Kubernetes, Git, Argocd, GitLab Pipelines, Linux, IAB, Adstxt, Benthos, Watermill, Outbox-relay.

Senior Software Engineer Index Exchange - Montreal August 2018 - March 2022 (3 yrs 7 mos)

  • Developed Kafka consumer for new account registration.

  • Developed in-memory storage for the exchange node.

  • Developed REST API for the Demand department.

  • Lead implementation of Ad management API.

  • Led a team of S1, S2, and S3 developers.

  • Technologies: Golang, openRTB, Git, Linux, Kafka, Prometheus, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, MySQL, Grafana, Keycloak, JWT, GitLab Pipelines.

Golang Software Developer Mindgeek - Montreal Sept 2017 - August 2018 (11 mos)

  • Worked with Real-Time Bidding protocol.

  • Developed and supported ad delivery on high-traffic services.

  • Implement a notification server to listen to VAST notify URLs (video ads).

  • Technologies: Golang, C, RTB, Git, Linux, pixel tracking, VAST.

Python Software Developer (WOP) Gameloft - Montreal June 2014 - Sept 2017 (3 yrs 4 mos)

  • Development of microservices on the federated platform of Gameloft.

  • Worked effectively in a globally distributed team.

  • Technologies: Python, Push Notifications, OAuth2, Web Tokens, MySQL, Couchbase, Golang, federated systems, Linux, Erlang.

Python Software Developer (WOP)  Gameloft - Mexico January 2013 - June 2014 (1 yr)

  • Development of the Federated system for the online platform of Gameloft.

  • Support for other departments in the use of federation online services.

  • Support for producers and game teams in case of emergencies.

  • Travel to Korea’s Gameloft Studio to support the Game Development Team. 

  • Skills: Python, Push Notifications, OAuth2, Web Tokens, MySQL, Couchbase, Federated systems, Linux, PHP.

PHP Software Developer (WOA) Gameloft - Mexico Sept 2009 - Jan 2013 (3 yrs 5 mos)

  • Support of the online platform of Gameloft.

  • Development of the Online System Platform used by social games (Facebook).

  • Support for game teams, e-commerce, and producers.

  • Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Python, C++, Erlang, Linux.

C++ Software Developer Gameloft - Mexico Jan 2008 - Sep 2009 (1 yr 9 mos)

  • Porting from Java to C++ for Gameloft games.

  • Porting from C++ (Qualcomm Brew) to Windows Mobile games.

  • Technologies: C++, MS-DOS batch, Java, graphics for mobile games, SVN, Qualcomm Brew

J2ME Software Developer Gameloft - Mexico Jul 2006 - Jan 2008 (1 yr 6 mos)

  • Ported Java games from different screen resolutions to those used in the US.

  • Worked on titles like Asphalt, Persia Prince, Sudoku, Lost, etc.

  • Technologies: Java ME, MS-DOS batch, Python, C preprocessor, SVN.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering Superior School of Computer Sciences (National Polytechnic Institute) - Mexico 2002 - 2006